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Herbal Tea Blends

Made only with organic and wild-crafted loose herbs! Brown tie bag includes free reusable muslin tea bag.

After Dinner Tea

A delightful herbal tea to help soothe indigestion, relieve gas and ease bloating. Perfect after any meal!

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Cleansing Tea

A good tasting tea to help cleanse the digestive tract, blood, and tone the liver.

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Delicious Hibiscus with Echinacea

A flavorful burst of vitamin C with all the immunity benefits of echinacea! Sure to be a family favorite, try it iced.

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Mental Magic Tea

A delicious herbal way to awaken the senses, increase circulation, and improve brain function without caffeine! A favorite here.

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Nourishing Daily Tea

A delicious daily beverage packed with iron, minerals, vitamins, and calcium. Great iced or hot! Mix it with fruit juice as a healthy beverage for the kids.

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Nursing Mother's Tea

Stimulates the flow of mother's milk. Rich in vitamins, calcium, and minerals. Calming and relaxing too. Helps restore the system after childbirth.

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Time to Relax Tea

Gentle and relaxing, let tension flow away... perfect before bedtime or when stressed.

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Winter Cold Tea

A soothing blend to help ease congestion, runny nose, sore throat, and coughs. Perfect for any cold season!

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Womanly Wisdom Tea

Helps tone the female reproductive system, balance hormones, and soothe the emotions. Packed with calcium and nutritious minerals. A must for all women!

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